Saturday, December 6, 2008

Man was meant for Woman

There's no way to explain the order
Otherwise she had been first;
Man was meant for Woman
Or else he'd be the worse.

She came after as equal
But also his--how should I say?
A partner, superior, and teacher
Who most cruelly shows the way.

He sees her first a Helen
Then a Fury--Lilith, or Salome,
And at long journey's end, a real Odysseus,
He meets Penelope.

She teaches him a humble way
And makes him close his mouth.
In the nuptial bower, however, there,
Reveals to him a truth:

You are not everything you seem
Nor are you what you lack--
Nor are you merely what you've done,
For truth will draw you back

In disguise, perhaps you'll learn
A thing or two 'bout youth
But from me, alone, you'll learn,
And naked then--
Something of God's reproof.

(image: Odysseus and Penelope, by Francesco Primaticcio, 1563)


gregorbo said...

Hey Greg--nobody reads your blog, you loser.

Greg: I know. That's what I intended. It's too good for mortals.

Well, I'm not mortal but I still don't like it.

Greg: What about the other gods? Could you recommend it?

lmeverlander said...

Excellent, Greg! Reminds me of Milton's Adam & Eve. I think I commented more eloquently originally, but it didn't take so you'll have to take this second snippet. At any rate, I love your site and really admire your poetic gift. Looking forward to more,

Gregory said...

Hi Linda--send me Milton's, so I can properly bask in the compliment (which I'm sure is quite outsized). Keep reading--I'm really working on some stuff for Christmas. Love you. gb

Anonymous said...

Did Linda send you this? Not sure if it's exactly what she's referencing:

gregorbo said...

Thanks, whoever you are . . .

Anonymous said...


This is your cooooooonscience speaking!

Send Katy aaaaaall your moooooooney!

gregorbo said...


Anonymous said...

Not sure why your conscience would tell you to send me money, but still.

My comedy is always a little off...